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Patent Portfolios

ParkerVision's patent portfolios are key assets for the company.

ParkerVision's extensive and rapidly expanding portfolios of United States and International patents cover many of the pioneering concepts of energy sampling receivers and modulators and high efficiency power transmitters including their methods, applications and implementations.

Our patent portfolios address the creation of energy sampling technologies, applying matched filter concepts to achieve the highest sensitivity, dynamic range and modulation flexibility. A similarly extensive portfolio of patents cover multimode power transmitter technologies that provides very low energy consumption, longer battery life and reduced heat.

ParkerVision's growing portfolios empower our licensees to build value-added multimode power-transceiver SOCs and RF modem systems based on our technologies.

Patent Stack

IP protection is a fundamental part of our technology development process

Three value drivers for our IP

  • Freedom to operate
  • Ability to protect
  • Ability to sell

Our patents cover three areas of invention

  • Method, Apparatus and Implementation

Patent portfolios cover multiple aspects of each technology

  • Prevent others from using individual aspects of our technology, as well as the whole
  • Maximize strategic licensing opportunities

Patent Stack

ParkerVision's technical team engages in efficient and business-aligned development of Intellectual Property (IP)

Invention creation

  • Assess technical challenges in key markets
  • Investigate potential solutions through research and development
  • Capture IP as an integral part of the process

Patent Stack

Well-crafted portfolios provide excellent protection to our partners and licensees

Current patent portfolio as of January 31st, 2014

  • 169 issued U.S. patents and 73 foreign
  • Approximately 40 additional U.S. and foreign patents pending

Well positioned to support future growth

  • Patent lives extend out as far as the early 2030's

Industry recognized portfolio

  • ParkerVision's patent portfolio once again ranked among the Top 25 companies in the telecom and communications industry*
  • Earning the highest score in both the 13-week and 5-year cumulative science strength scores*
  • Ranking second in research intensity and industry impact*

*Patent Board data that appeared in the November 11, 2013 edition of The Wall Street Journal