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PV5870 Demodulator - Modulator

The PV5870 is a direct conversion quadrature modulator / demodulator designed for communication systems requiring excellent linearity with the lowest power consumption in the industry. The device is optimized for wide- band applications with RF inputs ranging from 400 -3600MHz.

Benefits of the component include excellent amplitude and phase balance, low conversion loss with low noise figure, very low DC offset, and low power dissipation. Intermodulation products IM2 and IM3 can be optimized through adjustment. RF, LO and baseband interfaces are fully differential. The baseband outputs of the device can interface directly to baseband amplifiers or low-pass filters.

The excellent linearity of the PV5870 direct conversion quadrature demodulator can improve receiver dynamic range and significantly reduce bill of materials cost by eliminating the need for IF signal processing components.

Performance as a modulator is equally impressive. Excellent sideband suppression of >40dBc and carrier leakage of <-40dBm are achievable without adjustment for 900MHz applications. The on-channel LO input has a broad operating range from -6dBm to +6dBm. The modulator core operates from a 1.8V power supply while providing an OIP3 of +21dBm and OIP2 of +60dBm along with a P1dB of +7.5dBm at 900MHz. The LO path uses a +3V power supply that can be regulated as low as 2.85V.



  • Very Low Power Consumption: <130mW
  • Operating RF Frequency:
    • 400 MHz to 3600 MHz
  • Small PCB Area and Layout
  • 20-Lead QFN Package
  • IQ Demodulator

  • Highest Linearity in class:
    • IIP3 +30dBm, IIP2 +70dBm adjustable
  • Low insertion loss: 2.2dB @ 900MHz
  • Noise Figure: 3.1dB @ 900MHz
  • Phase Accuracy: 1°typical
  • Amplitude imbalance: 0.05dB typical
  • IQ Modulator

  • Carrier Leakage: - 42dBm @ 900MHz
  • Sideband suppression: 40dBc typical
  • 1dB output compression: +7.5dBm @ 900MHz
  • OIP3 +21dBm, OIP2 +60dBm @ 900MHz
  • Output return loss: 12dB

Primary Applications

  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • RFID
  • Test Equipment
  • M2M
  • ISM


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Ordering Information
PV5870ChipPricing and lead-time available through our distributor, RFMW.
PV5870R-EVBEval Board
Pricing and lead-time available through our distributor, RFMW.
PV5870T-EVBEval Board
Pricing and lead-time available through our distributor, RFMW.