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PV5870 Demodulator

I/Q demodulator designed for communication systems requiring excellent linearity with low power consumption and low insertion loss. The device is optimized for wide-band applications with RF inputs ranging from 400-3600MHz.



  • Operating RF Frequency: 400-3600MHz
  • Highest Linearity in class:
    • IIP2 +75dBm adjustable
    • IIP3 +32dBm programmable
  • Low insertion loss: 3dB
  • Noise Figure: 3.1dB
  • Phase Accuracy: 1°typical
  • Amplitude imbalance: 0.05dB typical
  • Low power consumption: 138mW
  • Direct conversion
  • Small PCB area and layout
  • Low external component count
  • Temp range: -40 to +85°C
  • Evaluation Boards available Q2 2014

Primary Applications

  • RFID
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Test Equipment
  • M2M
  • ISM


Part #
Ordering Information
PV5870ChipPricing and lead-time available through our distributor, RFMW.
PV5870R-EVBEval BoardPricing and lead-time available through our distributor, RFMW.