Milo Wifi Launches Single-Pack Programmable Wifi Extender

05.30.18 -

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 30, 2018 -- ParkerVision, Inc. (Nasdaq:PRKR). ParkerVision's Milo Wifi group announces the launch of its latest product in the home Wifi space, the Milo Single-Pack. The Single-Pack can provide a powerful Wifi coverage boost to any existing Wifi router or can be joined to an existing Milo network to further expand Wifi coverage.

The Single-Pack adds tremendous flexibility to the Milo product family serving customers with homes that are either smaller or larger than the average American home. As a perfect solution for smaller homes and apartments, the Single-Pack extends your router coverage by up to 1,250 square feet.

The Milo Single-Pack also provides expandability to existing Milo networks for owners of larger homes or homes with difficult layouts and/or building materials that block Wifi signals. Each Single-Pack Milo joined to an existing Milo network adds another 1,250 square feet of coverage. In total, one Milo network could have up to eight Milos working together to blanket any space with strong reliable Wifi.

The Milo Single-Pack comes with a 100Mbit Ethernet port that makes this system perfect for gamers and streaming television boxes. Connect an Ethernet cord directly from Milo to your gaming system and watch your buffering and latency issues disappear.

Wifi signals can be tricky and every home is unique; Milo was designed to simplify the complex process of getting the set up just right. The Milo mobile app and companion quick-start guide intuitively guides any customer through Milo's placement and configuration. That process is backed by a U.S. based support team whose sole objective is customer satisfaction. Milo's unique position as a programmable, cloud-based Wifi extender enables automatic updates and simple configuration and troubleshooting without the need for complex customer intervention and knowledge.

ParkerVision Chief Marketing Officer, John Stuckey commented, "I am delighted by this addition to the Milo product line. The Milo Single-Pack gives our customers a lower priced entry point to be able to experience the benefits that Milo can bring to their Wifi networks. It also represents the next step in our planned rollout of new products and enhanced functionality for existing products. Our goal is to make Milo a household name synonymous with great, intuitive Wifi and smart home products."

About ParkerVision and Milo Wifi
ParkerVision develops and markets a family of products under the Milo brand that leverages existing Wifi infrastructure to create more optimal Wifi configuration and superior coverage for small businesses and consumers.For more information please visit www.parkervision.comand

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