Latest Product Releases

  • New
  • PV5870
  • Modulator
  • Wide-band quadrature modulator, 400-3600MHz; Ultra-low power consumption: 128mW; Noise Floor: -148dBm/Hz; Excellent sideband suppression: -40dBc; Carrier Feedthrough: -42dBm
  • PVOA201
  • Op Amp
  • Ultralow Power / Low Noise, Negative Rail Input, Rail-to-Rail Output Fully Differential Operational Amplifier and ADC Driver
  • PVT2526T
  • Modulator
  • Dual-band modulator with integrated baseband filter, 800-920MHz, 1700-2000MHz; Low power consumption: 102.5mW (Max Gain) and 80mW (Low Power Mode); Tx Output Noise (Rx Band): -145dBm/Hz; Excellent sideband suppression: -43dBc
  • PV2510P-1A
  • Power Management
  • 1.0A continuous Digitally Controlled Power Supply; up to 97% efficiency; 3.0 to 4.3V input; 0.6 to 4.0V programmable output in 54mV steps